Company Profile & Vision

Understanding macro and micro trends drive success

Ansorg Development has been for 30 years and will continue to be committed to profitable and sustainable real estate developments in the commercial and residential segment across Germany.

Since 1990, the company has developed numerous retail, residential and office assets and added student housing to its core competencies in 2005. In collaboration with renowned partners from the architecture and construction industry, smart concepts have successfully been acquired, planned and built.

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Analytische Herangehensweise, lokales Marktverständnis und das frühzeitige Erkennen von Marktentwicklungen paaren sich mit schnellen Entscheidungswegen. Ansorg Development liefert durchdachte Antworten auf die aktuellen Trends in der Projektentwicklung.

Konzeption & Planung

Projekte werden konsequent am Bedarf ausgerichtet. Mit innovativen Planungsvorgaben liefert Ansorg Development Antworten für sich verändernde Nutzerwünsche und schafft damit Voraussetzungen für langfristige Wertsteigerungen

Bauliche Umsetzung

Sorgfältige „Planung der Planung“ gewährleistet einen geordneten, zügigen Bauablauf. Ansorg Development hat rund 30 Projekte erfolgreich realisiert.

Schlüsselfertige Übergabe

Investoren, Miete und Kommune erwarten einen professionell geführtes Projektmanagement – Ansorg Development ist mehr als nur Bauherr und steht auch nach Projektabschluss als Partner zur Verfügung.

Our experience, expertise and execution know-how

Ansorg Development has developed a clearly structured approach through its many years of know-how and works closely with all stakeholders in every step.

In all project phases – from acquisition to handover – we value a partnership-based and transparent cooperation. A sense of quality, reliability and the right sense for opportunities and risks are integral parts of our identity.

We are considered experienced and qualified. Innovations are actively practiced and promoted so that Ansorg Development delivers excellent results in all phases – from the due diligence to the planning concept, from the project calculation to the financing, from the beginning of the construction work to the handover.

We define our core competence as the sum of networked development, planning and leasing processes, construction processes and commissioning with the result of accelerated market entry and optimized development costs.

Ansorg Development has designed, planned and built valuable projects since 1990. The company has always been characterized by clear principles: transparency, integrity and discipline.

With an experienced, experienced and entrepreneurial team, the company has measured above-average results and continuous improvement of concepts and ideas since its founding.

As a reliable and efficient partner Ansorg Development implements the projects in the budget and time frame. Our customers and suppliers appreciate having a contact person who effectively deals with their concerns with commitment.