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Project development retail

Every consumer is permanently courted today. Purchasing power in stationary retail has increased only marginally for over 20 years. E-commerce, social media and the growing attention of end-users are accelerating structural change in retail. It is therefore all the more important to position a planned object as a magnet with distinctive and sympathetic features that will be remembered and animate to a regular visit.

Ansorg Development positions every object as a personality and develops a consistent marketing strategy. For example, specialist retail centers with consistently convincing design, connections and technological advances are proving to bring higher visitor frequencies, longer stays and thus higher sales.

Over the entire period of use of the property, Ansorg Development identifies and monitors changes in the market environment or in the center at an early stage and modifies the marketing strategy accordingly to ensure its long-term success.

Ansorg specializes in redirecting problematic, low-traffic buildings to new buyer flows by tailoring them to the environment.